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How to Avoid Airspace Infringements

Airspace in Europe is often very complex and avoiding airspace infringements is not always easy for even the most experienced of pilots. But the number of airspace infringements has increased significantly over recent years and we all must work to reverse this trend.

An EASA website provides links to entertaining yet informative videos and pilot guides and suggests useful tips that will help to reduce the risk of airspace infringement and mid-air collision. All materials and links are part of a Europe-wide campaign that has been initiated and supported by the Safety Promotion Network of National Aviation Authorities.

Besides the EASA clip, videos on this page offer examples and scenarios from different European countries. They all tell unique and interesting stories – stories that you can watch whenever you find the time. It is recommended that you start with those videos corresponding to the countries where you want to fly or cross.

What Can You Do?
Before Flight: Plan and prepare your flight, use modern flight planning and navigation software, identify controlled or restricted airspace and turn on your transponder. Also, consult the National Aviation Authority (NAA) or Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) websites for additional information and contact your Flight Information Service (FIS).

During Flight: Keep good situational awareness, obtain clearance before entering controlled airspace and report if you are lost or enter controlled airspace without clearance. Stay visible by keeping your transponder on and don’t be shy to communicate.

After the Flight: Debrief your flight to learn lessons and share your experiences with others. Last but not least, we encourage you to print and display the leaflet and infographic in your club briefing room to help others. Source: ‚EASA‚.