JS3 RES gets Type Certificate

After almost a year-long delay from the original schedule, the JS3 RES aircraft has finally been granted Type Certification (TC) by EASA. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the JS/M&D and SOLO teams! The journey to obtain EASA certification for the JS3 RES aircraft was incredibly challenging and complex, and the impact of the Covid pandemic did not help either. The decision to choose the propulsion system from SOLO was driven by its classification as a certified stand-alone Class 1 product. Consequently, the JS3 certification program was developed around this certified propulsion system. However, the development and certification process for the propulsion system took significantly longer than expected. The program delays can be attributed to the relative novelty of electric propulsion systems, and also, EASA faced internal challenges involving the formulating approval processes for Class 1 electric propulsion systems. To our knowledge, this may be the first time that EASA has certified a Class 1 electric propulsion/self-launch system.

As a result, the JS3 RES certification process could not be finalised without a certified propulsion system. Ultimately, on the 14th of June, the SOLO system was awarded TC by EASA, enabling the signing and submission of the statement of conformity for the JS3 RES aircraft. Considering that the Statement of Conformity was only submitted on the 16th of June, the LBA and EASA demonstrated commendable efficiency in completing the final administrative activities. Kudos to the LBA/EASA team for their commendable work!

During the certification process, one significant challenge was demonstrating compliance with the battery fire propagation requirements. It was required to amend the battery design with reinforcement fire-resistant layers and additional insulation layers to prevent fire spread from a single burning cell. Overall, the successful Type Certification of the JS3 RES aircraft represents a remarkable achievement for the teams of SOLO, Emectric, M&D Flugzeugbau, and JS, showcasing their dedication and perseverance throughout this demanding certification journey. Source: ‚Jonkers‚.

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