Robin Aircraft in liquidation

Robin Aircraft has gone into compulsory liquidation and ceased trading. The commercial court in Robin’s home town of Dijon yesterday, 20 November, issued the judicial liquidation of the French aircraft manufacturer with immediate effect. It means a liquidator will be appointed who will be looking to raise as much as possible to repay creditors such as suppliers. According to one report in the French newspaper Les Echoes, a Paris-based receiver has been looking for a buyer since September 2023, with three candidates coming forward. However, the judges at the commercial court did not accept any of the recovery plans proposed. The decision follows a difficult year for Robin Aircraft which started in December 2022 when the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued an urgent Airworthiness Directive (AD) regarding a faulty wing spar.

The AD grounded aircraft was affected which was caused by a manufacturing problem. They were allowed to fly again by early 2023, with restrictions, but by then the company was in financial difficulty resulting in some workers being laid off. In February, Robin Aircraft was placed in a special ‘safeguarded’ regime to allow it to recover from the wing spar issue. Source: ‚‚.

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