Cirrus Aircraft Announces New Generation of SR 7 Series

Cirrus Aircraft, the company that brought you the aircraft with the parachute and the Vision Jet that lands itself with the touch of a button, today announced the newest generation of the world’s best-selling, high-performance, single-engine piston aircraft – the SR Series G7. The SR Series G7 aircraft features touchscreen interfaces, large high-resolution displays, advanced safety systems, improved visibility, increased legroom, enhanced convenience features, and the Cirrus IQ mobile app that provides remote access to real-time health and readiness indications for your aircraft so you can travel faster, safer and smarter wherever you go.

The G7 integrates an intuitive touchscreen-controlled flight deck with a comfortable and stylish cabin to create an approachable personal aviation experience. This simplified yet incredibly powerful flight deck reduces pilot workload while offering enhanced situational awareness for both pilot and passenger. Cirrus Aircraft has defined the personal aviation category with both the SR Series and the Vision Jet and has aligned the flight deck, cabin experience, and training programs, including our Private Pilot Program, to provide a clear progression from learning to fly and owning a SR Series aircraft, all the way through piloting your own Vision Jet.

The Future of Flying
First delivered in 1999 and now memorialized in the ‘We All Fly’ exhibition at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, the SR20 altered the light aircraft industry with a 10” multi-function display and later added a complete glass flight deck with the very first primary flight display in a small, certified aircraft. These technological advancements revolutionized the industry and helped improve safety while simplifying the way pilots navigate around the world – forever changing the aviation landscape.

Today, the SR Series G7 features Cirrus Perspective Touch+™ by Garmin®, the most advanced flight deck in the industry, and is the first-ever piston aircraft to incorporate dual Garmin Touch Controllers. Perspective Touch+ offers larger, high-resolution displays with expanded systems integration, enabling a more intuitive flight deck experience, reducing pilot workload, and increasing situational awareness. The interior creates a refined inflight experience for the pilot and passengers, increasing the comfort for every occupant with easy-to-see and understandable flight details such as – current position, fuel level, destination arrival time, and more.

The Perspective Touch+ flight deck now integrates more systems including:

  • Larger, high-resolution 12” or optional 14” widescreen displays to streamline tasks.
  • Garmin Touchscreen Controllers with intuitive icons and a shallow menu structure.
  • CAS-linked checklists and Checklist Scroll Wheel to easily navigate through checklists.
  • Taxiway Routing and 3D SafeTaxi to simplify airport ground navigation.

Source: ‚Cirrus Aircraft‚.

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