100 Bristell B23 Delivered

The BRM AERO team has taken only 30 months to reach the impressive milestone of 100 Bristell Model B23 deliveries after the company’s first CS-23certified aircraft delivery occurred in early 2021. The Czech-built Bristell B23 is the next-generation low-wing airplane designed to satisfy the European CS23 and US FAR Part 23 certification requirements. Having undergone rigorous testing to achieve certification, it represents a solid commitment from Bristell by BRM AERO to safety, innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction. “We take great pride in announcing this remarkable achievement in design and production. These 100 aircraft provide their owners with an exceptional flying experience, and stakes BRM AERO’s claim as a serious player within the global aviation community.” Source: ‚Bristell, BRM Aero‚.

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