UK’s Youngest Glider Instructor

Schoolgirl Amelia Richardson is the UK’s youngest glider instructor at just 16 — despite being too young to drive a car. Amelia was gifted a lesson for her 13th birthday. By 14, she had a solo license. Now she has clocked up enough hours to qualify as an instructor and can guide beginners through their first flights. Amelia, from Buckingham, Bucks, said: “After school, if there’s a plane free, I’ll go for a flight before I do my homework.” And despite turning 17 this week, the teenager said she’d rather spend her hard-earned cash than learning to drive.

Dad James said: “We’re so proud of Amelia – being taken for a flight by her was a very surreal experience. “Before we went up she sat me down and told me I wasn’t in charge in the air, she was – which I was quite glad about! “She’s always been a bit of an adrenalin junkie and she’d been talking about flying for ages when we thought we’d let her have a flying lesson for her birthday. “We thought it would be a one-time thing but she’s never looked back. Source: ‚The Sun‚.

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