FAA: 19 Near-Misses in 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reported 19 serious runway incursions during the first ten months of 2023, the highest number since 2016. Experts attribute these incidents to various factors, including air traffic controller staffing shortages, pilot inexperience, and outdated technology. This surge in near-miss incidents has raised concerns about aviation safety.

One significant contributing factor is the shortage of certified air traffic controllers, with around 1,000 fewer controllers than a decade ago. Despite increased air traffic, staffing shortages have placed additional pressure on the aviation system. To address this issue, the FAA has begun forming a panel of experts, led by a former safety board official and sleep expert, to investigate air traffic controller fatigue and improve safety. This panel will commence its work in January 2024 and explore how the latest sleep science and fatigue research can be applied to controller work requirements and scheduling.

In response to these challenges, the FAA has taken steps to enhance aviation safety. The agency hired 1,500 controllers in 2023 and allocated $26 million for new technology implementations. This funding has been utilized to improve air traffic controllers’ situational awareness through automation systems that alert them to potential runway incursions. These incidents have occurred across various airports in the United States, involving a range of airlines and aircraft. Some of the near-miss events include an incident at JFK Airport, a near-miss in Sarasota, an occurrence at Hollywood Burbank Airport, and an incident at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, among others. Despite the FAA’s efforts to address these safety concerns, the increased number of near-miss incidents highlights the importance of ongoing vigilance and improvements within the aviation industry to ensure the safety of air travel. Source: ‚AirGuide‚.

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