Catalina to be resurrected as new transport turboprop

Catalina Aircraft, holder of the Type Certificates for the 28-5ACF Catalina, today announced the rebirth of the iconic and legendary Catalina as the Catalina II Amphibious Turboprop. A production re-start program has been formalized for the Next Generation Amphibious Aircraft (NGAA) Catalina II twin turboprop amphibious flying boat, and the company is preparing to take pre-orders as part of the turboprop production re-start program.

Based on the design fundamentals of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) & Transport Canada (TC) Large, Transport Category certificated 28-5ACF Catalina amphibious flying boat, Catalina Aircraft is offering two new production variants, an NGAA Civilian Variant and an NGAA Special Use Variant, both of which represent the quintessential standard in airborne amphibious operations for the private, commercial, government and military sectors.

„Interest in the rebirth of this legendary amphibian has been extraordinary. The capabilities this modernized iconic platform offers, being capable of performing so many unique missions, and in a variety of market segments, speaks to the heritage of the Catalina product line. The NGAA Catalina II is a modern amphibian with advanced engines and avionics and will offer capabilities no other amphibian can provide today.“ said Lawrence Reece, President of Catalina Aircraft. “We are looking forward to moving this program forward rapidly.”

The NGAA Catalina II targets two major aircraft client groups, the civilian/commercial operator and the Government / Military customer. The NGAA Catalina II will be the largest, fastest, longest range, highest payload, and most capable amphibious aircraft available worldwide with Western Certifications. Capable of operating from runways, grass, dirt, lakes, rivers, bays, and open water. Utilizing green energy power initiatives, the NGAA Catalina II provides civilian, commercial, government and military operators with a significant capabilities expansion over many current platforms employed in amphibious operations today. The NGAA Catalina II provides unmatched precision, speed and flexibility from land to air to sea.

The NGAA Catalina II Civilian Variant is a new production 32,000-pound Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) unpressurized, twin-turboprop, sea state 2 capable, amphibious flying boat designed to accommodate up to 34 passengers or 12,000 pounds of cargo operating in the private and commercial market segments.

The NGAA Catalina II Special Use Variant is a new production 40,000-pound Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) unpressurized, twin-turboprop, sea state 3 capable, amphibious flying boat geared to support government and military type Concepts of Operations.

Both the Civilian and Special Use Variants are constructed using modern corrosion-resistant materials, assembly practices and supportability initiatives to ensure the Material Availability and Operational Availability (Ao) remain at the highest rates possible. Many existing and proven in-service systems are employed to minimize logistics footprint growth and provide for commonality of components between the NGAA Catalina II and existing/emerging in-service aerial platforms. With an almost limitless multi-CONOPs potential from a single platform, the NGAA Catalina II offers a single asset solution capable of replacing several existing platform types, thus reducing overall Acquisition, Operational and Sustainment costs. Pricing has not been announced yet, while deliveries are anticipated to begin in 2029. For new production twin turboprop NGAA Catalina II inquiries please contact Catalina Aircraft at businessdevelopment(a)

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