Bristell: B23 915 Turbo Upgraded

In the aviation industry, innovation knows no bounds. To illustrate, the Bristell B23 915 Turbo is set to arrive on the market with some impressive upgrades. At the heart of every aircraft lies the engine – the beating pulse of flight – but the cowling is where the innovation takes shape on the B23 915 Turbo.

Engineering and Design
Bristell’s engineers have integrated cowling fins to optimize airflow and transfer excess heat away from the engine compartment. The results speak volumes – temperatures remain comfortably low even in hot summer flying conditions.

This ensures optimal engine performance and avoids the risk of overheating. Several tests have confirmed the efficiency of the design, which even enables the aircraft to tow heavy gliders, providing an extra reserve towards the maximum allowable temperature limits.

Effortless Towing
A towing winch system is incorporated into the aircraft, saving valuable time and significantly enhancing efficiency. When descending, speeds of up to 16 m/s are achieved, more than halving the time required for descent and significantly reducing the towing time.

A New Chapter in Aviation Progress
The Bristell B23 915 Turbo is making a significant impact on the world of glider towing, thanks to its Rotax 915iS engine, cooling capabilities, and towing winch advantage. Source: ‚Bristell‚.

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