JGWC Tábor: The competition is over

After years of preparation, more than three weeks of intensive work and 11 flying competition days it is over now. The results are final, awards have been given out and the competition has been declared closed. The airfield that has been full of gliders, tents and caravans just a few hours ago is empty now. The briefing hangar, competition office and the restaurant that have been busy with people for the last three weeks are now closed and empty. But while there is little that remains in Tábor that would remind us that the competition ever took place, the memories and relationships we formed during our time together will remain forever.

We had an extremely enjoyable competition thanks to a number of important aspects. The most crucial part has been all the people that formed the unforgettable atmosphere of the competition. A big thanks need to go to the enthusiasm of all the pilots, team captains, crew members, staff and audience. Huge thanks also need to go to the sponsors of the competition who made it possible to be organised in the first place. Thanks to their generosity we were able to provide a world-class experience for the pilots and motivate their performances with valuable prizes. An important thank you also needs to go to the army and Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic for coordinating their airspace usage and granting our competitors maximum freedom in the air. And lastly a thank you needs to go to all the people from the Tábor region who might have not been directly involved in the championships but had to bear with increased noise, and traffic and still provide all of us with the basic services we all need to function. But now, let’s focus our attention on the pilots who through their great skill and determination have shown amazing performances and a very tight race for the podium positions up till the very last day. And while all would like to win, there can only be one junior world champion in each class.

In the club class, the new reigning champion is Finn Sleigh from the United Kingdom. Coming in a close second position is his UK team partner Toby Freeland. And the bronze medal was conquered by Nils Fecker from Germany. In the standard class, the new junior world champion is Simon Briel from Germany. And the rest of the podium positions were conquered by the representant of the hosting country Czech Republic, Lukáš Kříž and Jaromír Macoun. And in the team cup ranking the best countries were, in order, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Congratulations to all who have won and thanks to everybody for the amazing experience. See you all soon again in Tábor. Source: ‚JWGC 2022‘. Results Club Class. Results Standard Class.

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