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Nun auch der Bruder

Teenager Mack Rutherford will jüngste Person werden, die alleine um die Welt fliegt. Er will dem Beispiel seiner Schwester folgen und allein um die Welt fliegen. Trotz seiner erst 16 Jahre fühlt er sich gut auf dieses Abenteuer vorbereitet. Quelle/Video: ‚Stern‚.

„Fly Zolo“ Around the World.

Zara Rutherford has landed in Seletar Airport, Singapore this morning coming in from Jakarta! It wasn’t an easy flight as it was bumpy and storms were building over the city and the airport. So, Air Traffic Control held her for about 40′ in the air before giving her the clear to land to keep her well away from it.

On the 18th of August, she set off from Belgium, heading west. Her route includes the UK, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, USA, Latin America to Colombia, then back north via Alaska, to Russia, Korea, Indonesia, India, the Middle East, Europe and back to Belgium, where she plans to arrive in mid-January. She is flying a Shark. It is a high-performance ultralight aircraft manufactured in Europe. It is incredibly fast with cruising speed reaching 300 km/h. The aircraft has been specially prepared for such a long journey. Source: ‚Fly Zolo on facebook and Fly Zolo Website‚.