Perlan Project: Review of Argentina 2023

Multiple weather studies for the next week did not show stratospheric waves of sufficient strength to soar to high altitudes. So we made the tough, bittersweet decision to pack up and return to Minden.

In El Calafate in 2023 Airbus Perlan Mission II:

  • Soared to 60,300 feet in very challenging wave conditions
  • Spoke to 775 students from the El Calafate area about the stratospheric research conducted over their town
  • Presented to civic organizations and visitors to the hangar in El Calafate
  • Gathered data from flights and balloon launches that will be shared with researchers around the world
  • Signed an agreement of cooperation between Airbus Perlan Mission II and the Research and Development Department of the Argentine Air Force
  • Perlan Project and Aerolineas Argentinas agreed to jointly promote the concept and practice of sustainable aviation.

On Sunday afternoon the Aero Club Lago Argentino hosted Team Perlan for a farewell barbeque or asado. We were so honoured to have jefes from ANAC, EANA, PSA, Naval Prefactura, Gendarmeria Nacional, and Santa Monica give us a great send-off. The grilled chorizo and lamb were perfect! The dulce de leche layered cake was fabulous. The heartfelt words and gifts will stay with us forever. Source: ‚Perlan Project‚.

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