LAK 17C-FES gets EASA-Type Certification

LZ Design from Logatec in Slovenia announced that LAK17C FES has been granted Type Certification (TC) by EASA on 2nd February 2024. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the LZ design and SAirKo, as this is now the first EASA-certified 18m self-launcher with FES (Front Electric Selflaunch).

Although the C model has a lot in common with the already certified 15-18m sustainer LAK17B FES, and with its smaller and lighter 13,5m self-launching brother LAK17B FES Mini, it took another 4 years to obtain EASA certification for C model as self-launcher with its high landing gear, more powerful motor and 6,4kWh energy storage capacity GEN4 16S 56Ah battery packs. Self-launch is allowed up to a take-off weight of 455kg (without water ballast), representing 44kg/m2 wing-loading. With relatively low wing loading, even less experienced recreational pilots will feel safe in combination with a well-proven FES system.

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