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Bladeless Fluidic Propulsion System Airplane Prototype

Jetoptera, a Seattle-based propulsion system, drone, and aerial mobility startup, is working on an innovative vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft concept modelled on Dyson’s “bladeless fan” design. The current design uses a turboshaft engine which drives an air compressor, which generates high-pressure air. This jet of compressed air is spread across the outlet of the thruster

An aerodynamic mechanism known as the Coanda effect causes the fluid jet to remain attached to the surface of the thruster as it is forced out of the outlet. Jetoptera has completed several flight tests using its newly developed Fluidic Propulsion System (FPS™). Thrusters can be shaped and distributed around an airframe in ways to maximize lift augmentation and distribute propulsion at the same time. Thrusters can also be easily swivelled, allowing for VTOL operations. The result is a high-speed, compact system that can naturally hover. Source: ‚Sia Magazine‚.