Discus b

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Due to overcapacity, Herning Gliding Club offers one of our Discus b’s for sale. X9 has always been at our airfield. First as a private glider and in 1990 we acquired X9. X9 participated at the WGC in Rieti in 1985. We suspect Schempp-Hirth to have given early serial numbers special attention.

The glider is accident-free and still has the original gel coat. The surfaces need attention and a new paint job within a few years. Of necessity, the ailerons are spot painted, due to peelings. The water tanks are operational.

Maintenance and renewal of the ARC on X9 will be done during the winter (business as usual).
Currently, there is an LXNAV S80 mounted. This will be replaced by an LX7007 PRO IGC with Flarm. In addition, there is an Oudie mounted on a gooseneck.

Hours: 4542
Starts: 4753
E-Vario/Navigation: LX7007 PRO IGC
Funke/Radio: Becker AR 3201
Baujahr: 1985
Cockpit load: 70-110 kg
ARC: Will be renewed
Serial number: 32

Airspeed indicator: Winter 6 FMS 421
Altimeter: Winter 4 FGH 10
Variometer: Winter 5 STVM 10
Radio: Becker AR 3201 (25 kHz)
Navigation: LX7007 PRO IGC / Oudie mounted with a gooseneck
Flarm: FlarmMouse/FlarmView

Trailer: Tanka KM4 MK9 kit trailer from 1986
Hook: CG

Additional Equipment
Tail dolly
Batteries and chargers

Price: € 31’000.- VB

Contact: Thomas Grove
eMail: th_grove2002@yahoo.dk