Jonker JS-1b

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Jonker JS-1b for sale

Registration ZS-GPS
ARC validity March 31st 2025
Competition nr. „GPS“

Manufacturer Jonker Sailplanes
Model JS-1B
Propulsion None (prepared for the Jet Engine)
Class: 18 metres
Serial Nr. 21
Building year 2011
Flight hours 844
Landings 272

General condition: very good, obviously with signs of normal usage – she was flown :-),
Tuned for competitions.
The wings were repainted and optimized at Jonker factory in November 2013 Glider never crashed and never needed repair beyond normal usage and maintenance.

Winter ASI, ALT (57mm), Grosskinsky flap ring, LXNAV LX9000 Flarm + V9 vario, Winter 57mm vario, Airpath compass (C2300), Dittel KRT2 8.33KHz radio, Trig TT22 mode S transponder, LXNAV FlarmLED, LX9000-sensors (water ballast, gear and speed brakes), Bugwipers (electronic) integrated in the fuselage, DSX SaFly, LXNAV stick control for LX9000, Integrated antennas: radio, transponder and GSM, Mounting base for PDA on panel, Tow-out gear (towbar, tail dolly and wing walker), Wingstand, Ground fixing screws, One-man rigging system.

ATL-Parachute is ready for the season. Jaxida all-weather-covers.
3x 12Ah FePo4 batteries, electronic battery charger,

Spindelberger Cobra ALU-trailer, manufactured 2011
Trailer, registration in Poland, reg. number: WB717AJ

Optional: fitting Oxygen cylinder with Mountain High EDS unit.
The glider is in Międzybrodzie Żywieckie near near Żar Mountain and Bielsko Biała in South Poland.

(new) Price: EUR 104’000.- (or others reasonably negotiated prices)
Contact: Krzysztof Trześniowski