Waveflight above Winter Alleghenies

Video about wave climb over snowy terrain in Cumberland MD at 4x speed. This altitude band alongside the rotor cloud is arguably the prettiest part of the typical wave flight, but I usually wait until climbing higher before setting off cross-country.

Top of the Alleghenies, looking SW from 13k feet over New Creek Mountain, WV. Spruce Knob at 4,863 ft. is the highest mountain in the Allegheny Range.

Ridge flyers start on New Creek Mtn just N of the Hopeville Gap, then continue on N. Fork Mtn and Back Creek Mtn all the way to Mountain Grove. The daring make the transition to Warm Springs Mtn near Ingalls Field, and on to Covington, VA. Snowy Mtn is 54 miles and Covington 115 miles away in this shot. Quelle: ‚David Hart/facebook‘. Read here more about fast and long distance ridge running flights.

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