Turkish Airlines FA increases Diamond Aircraft Fleet

Turkish Airlines Flight Academy (TAFA) has recently received 2 brand-new DA42-VI and ordered 6 DA40 NG, an additional 7 DA42-VI and two Convertible DA40/DA42 FNPT II. With this new investment, the Diamond Aircraft Fleet will be increased to 26 Diamond aircraft (12 DA40, 14 DA42). The 4-seat DA42-VI is the newest version of Diamond’s technology leading light piston twin-engine aircraft.

It’s the first certified general aviation piston aircraft to combine modern technology airframe, avionics, and power plants. With its unique combination of performance and utility, the jet fuel-powered DA42-VI is designed to make transitioning from single to twin-engine much easier. The aircraft generates fuel savings of up to 50% compared to conventional AVGAS-powered twins, and its panoramic canopy provides excellent visibility during all flight maneuvers. Source: ‚Diamond Aircraft‘.

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