The VL3 took off for the 1st time with a turbine

JMB Aircraft is proud to announce that the very first ultralight aircraft equipped with a TurboTech turbine engine flew in France on Monday 4th April 2022. As the next step in the development of the VL3 Turbine, Jean-Baptiste Guisset, CEO of JMB Aviation, had the honour of being the test pilot for this first flight. The event took place on Valenciennes airfield under the supervision of the designers of the French turbine and the designer of the VL3 evolution, Vanessa Air. “The first tests are very promising indeed! We are continuing the tests to validate the performance, but the advantages are already visible: no vibration and a TBO multiplied by two.

Moreover, VL3 turbine is easier to fly than a traditional piston aircraft, thanks to the electronic management of the FADEC and its unique lever. We also noticed a major consumption gain, in comparison to the traditional turboprops, thanks to the heat exchanger. Kerosene price is also a good advantage compared to the fuel normally used.” reports Jean-Marie Guisset, CEO of JMB Aircraft. After 6 months of development, JMB Aircraft is proud to announce that more than 50 hours of ground tests have been performed, including 30 hours of full power testing. In the last 8 days, we successfully carried out more than 20 flight hours and simulated all possible failures. This was completed without any technical issues! We already have two aircraft equipped with the turbine, the 2nd one will start its first test flights within 2 weeks. We have elaborated an advanced flight program for the coming months in order to test all the flight domains of the turbine. Source: ‚JMB Aircraft‚. Video.

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