Ten Tecnams For New Zealand Airline Academy

Tecnam and New Zealand Airline Academy Limited (NZAAL) announced today a firm order for 10 Tecnam aircraft, consisting of eight single-engine P2008 JC Night VFR, one single-engine P-Mentor IFR trainer with RNAV capability and ballistic safety parachute, plus one multi-engine P2006T Premium edition aircraft. The first of these, the Tecnam P2006T aircraft, is flying directly from the factory in Capua, Italy to the NZAAL base in Oamaru, New Zealand. The remaining nine training aircraft are scheduled for delivery starting in the 2nd quarter of 2024.

This strategic investment underscores NZAAL’s dedication to providing unparalleled training experiences and further solidifies its position as a global leader in aviation education.

New Zealand Airline Academy Limited (NZAAL) is a New Zealand-based award-winning flight training organization, holding certifications under Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand and Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

As an exclusive cadet pilot training provider for Air India’s group AIX Connect (formerly Air Asia India), NZAAL is strategically located in the picturesque locale of Oamaru, North Otago. Three towered airfields with instrument approaches are in close proximity to the base airfield with many more coastal and mountain airfields offering challenging and varied weather conditions that create real-world flying conditions for cadets.

Established in 2018, by two seasoned aviation professionals, NZAAL started flight training with one Tecnam P2008. Five years later, this ten aircraft expansion will take their Tecnam fleet to a total of 24 aircraft and overall fleet total to 26 aircraft including two P2006T Twin advanced Multi IFR trainers a tribute to the two Directors of NZAAL who embarked on their commercial pilot training journey in New Zealand over sixteen years ago. Source: ‚Tecnam‚.

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