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FAI-Webinar: „Return to Flying After a Pause“

This webinar is designed for pilots of any air sports and skydivers who are eager to resume their activities after a break. Its main objective is to raise awareness about the decline in skills that occurs when individuals take a pause.

Whether your pause in active flight was due to a short pause or vacation, a medical situation, or perhaps a prolonged period, such as pilots and skydivers experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, or even a recurring lull in flying activities during winter months, this webinar will help you return safely and confidently into flying.

Date: Sunday, May 12, 2024
Time: 16:00 UTC

Source and registration: ‚FAI‚.

Video zu den Luftraumänderungen 2022

Eisenschmidt und die DFS haben ein Video aufgenommen, in dem ein Luftraumexperte die Änderungen, welche uns im deutschen Luftraum erwarten, beschreibt. Das Video ist mit Kartenmaterial illustriert. Das Video ist abrufbar im YouTube-Kanal von „Eisenschmidt Pilotshop“.