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First Viable Unleaded Avgas Solution GAMI’s G100UL

Avfuel Corporation—a leading global supplier of aviation fuel and services—is proud to collaborate with General Aviation Modifications, Inc., (GAMI) by providing its distribution expertise for the engineering company’s high-octane unleaded avgas: G100ULTM. Earlier today, GAMI announced the FAA-approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) authorizing the use of its G100UL high-octane unleaded avgas. GAMI elected to follow the well-established FAA Approved Model List (AML) STC process whereby the FAA issues the initial STCs with an AML of specific aircraft and engines, and then progressively expands the scope of that AML based on additional testing and data. These new STCs represent the initial major milestone for bringing G100UL avgas to market across North America. As the Approved Model List for these STCs expands over the next several quarters, it will provide the functional equivalent of a fleet-wide certification for spark ignition piston-powered aircraft and engines to operate on G100UL avgas.

While GAMI keeps its focus on expanding the AML, Avfuel will support the initiative by handling the logistics of the product’s distribution, helping to establish a supply chain for responsibly bringing G100UL avgas to market on a commercial scale. Together, GAMI and Avfuel will ensure G100UL avgas is available to all legitimate distributors and vendors on an equitable basis in terms of access and economics. “We owe it to our industry, our communities, and the companies that have worked diligently toward a suitable answer to help make a solution work,” said Craig Sincock, Avfuel’s president, and CEO. “The work GAMI has accomplished is admirable and exciting, and we congratulate its team on this exciting first milestone. Avfuel is honored to provide its expertise to help further the unleaded avgas initiative.”

Of today’s milestone, Tim Roehl, GAMI president, said, “The FAA approval of G100UL high octane unleaded avgas is a truly huge development for the future of general aviation … Now is the time for all of the stakeholders in the general aviation community to stand up and celebrate. These AML-STCs are the ‘beginning of the end’ for the continued use of lead in aviation gasoline.” Source: ‘‘. AOPA-Webinar on youtube.