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Sonaca Aircraft stops production of S200 aircraft

In front of the prolonged impact of the Covid crisis, Sonaca Aircraft has decided to stop the production of S200 aircraft and to refocus on services and after-sales, with the support of Sonaca. Sonaca has committed to offering employment to all employees, whose expertise will be more than ever useful for the relaunch of the activities within the Group.

The Board of Directors of Sonaca gathered today and decided to stop financing the loss-making activities of its subsidiary Sonaca Aircraft. However, financing has been granted in order to fulfil all its obligations and to facilitate the continuity of essential activities for customers, i.e. services and after-sales.

For Yves DELATTE, CEO of Sonaca, “the cessation of Sonaca Aircraft’s production activities is a necessary decision. The Covid-19 pandemic, which will globally impact the aviation sector until 2025, has strongly affected general aviation, especially activities related to pilot training and education.” This has resulted in an order level well below the break-even point for Sonaca Aircraft. During the last months, Sonaca has approached many strategic partners to help its subsidiary enter new market segments, unfortunately without reaching an agreement. Source: ‘Sonaca Aircraft‘.