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1’500 km über den Pyrenäen

Gil Souviron fliegt am 21. März 2021 gemeinsam mit Baptiste Innocent in einer Stemme S12 über den Pyrenäen und dem Mittelmeer eine Jojo-Strecke von 1’500 km. Quelle: ‚OLC, online contest‚.

Gil Souviron: 1’500-km-Flight

As I targeted to make a 1500 KM for FAI Badge, I didn’t want to lose time so I flew with engine direct at the start gate at 4500 meters over the sea, because the waves were scheduled weak over the Alberes. Finally, the lift was very good so I didn’t lose time. The weather was good, a little bit tricky in the middle of the Pyrenees with Waves like thin spot and no continuation. Difficult to go fast but the Pyrenees are so generous. Source: ‚OLC, online Contest‚.