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Landung auf dem Burj Al Arab-Heliport

Łukasz Czepiela landet ein Flugzeug auf dem weltberühmten Hubschrauberlandeplatz auf dem Dach des Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, dem Sieben-Sterne-Hotel in Dubai. Um auf dem Hubschrauberlandeplatz mit einem Durchmesser von 27 Metern zu landen, absolvierte er mehr als 650 Übungslandungen, bevor er den Versuch auf dem Dach des 56stöckigen Hotels unternahm. Er brauchte nur 20,76 Meter, um anzuhalten.

Um dieses Kunststück möglich zu machen, nahmen er und ein Team von CubCrafters-Ingenieuren zusammen mit dem renommierten amerikanischen Luftfahrtingenieur und Flugzeugbauer Mike Patey eine Reihe von Modifikationen am Flugzeug vor: Sie reduzierten das Gesamtgewicht auf 425 Kilogramm und verlegten den Haupttreibstofftank nach hinten, um aggressiveres Bremsen zu ermöglichen. Quelle: ‚Red Bull‚.

Braking action is not recommended

On a frozen lake in Minnesota, ploughs scraped a runway that drew a crowd seeking fun and food, and it turned into a ritual 10 years old and counting. March 4 was the date this year, skis and wheels were equally welcome, along with families and aircraft of many shapes and types, from ski-shod singles to twins and helicopters. Mark Priglmeier shared the origin story: “It was so long ago, we lived just off the Mississippi River north of Sartell, Minnesota, and I recall this picture of my father’s Piper Cherokee 140 on the frozen Mississippi River next to the shoreline by our home. I will never forget that image.”

Out of eight kids, Priglmeier was the only one to pursue aviation. His father was a court reporter who used his airplane to travel to courthouses for depositions and hearings. „I flew with my father from a very young age, which planted the bug. Then, in the early ’90s, I won a thousand dollars at a radio station and used that money to start flight training. Well, that money went quickly, as you can imagine. So, my flying stopped”.

Ten years later a neighbour asked to build an airstrip behind his house. The deal included flying, and eventually led Priglmeier to buy an airplane, and leave his IT job to become a full-time flight instructor and charter pilot, flying a Quest Kodiak and Cessna Grand Caravan EX, mainly serving the Lake of the Woods area in Minnesota. Thus some of us lucky ones find our dream job. That image of his father’s Piper 140 parked on the frozen lake planted the seed for Priglmeier’s passion for ice landings. He believes that he has more landings on ice than on pavement. He loves a good challenge. That is how Iceport was born.

“I used to plough a runway just outside my folks’ house on the north side of the lake to visit Mom and Dad and play cards, and I was on wheels. And that is when I decided to share that experience with other pilots; everybody should be able to land safely on a frozen lake on wheels. And doing it in a safe environment, as you can see, the volunteers ploughed a great runway (approximately a mile long by 100 feet wide). So basically, you don’t need brakes at all, and we recommend not using them.” The 2023 edition was the tenth anniversary of Iceport, the fifth time on the east side of Mille Lacs Lake in collaboration with Amanda Brandt, owner of Da Boathouse In Da Bay restaurant. The first event was on the other side of the lake, the west side at Twin Pines. From then, the event snowballed and kept growing every year to the point that on one event, there was a call from Minneapolis Center to ask about what was going on.

I asked Priglmeier about his main safety recommendation for a pilot landing at a frozen lake: “Keep the aileron into the wind, avoid drifting, tell the airplane where you want to go and use aerodynamic braking as much as you can.” For some pilots, the airshow season starts during the first weeks of the summer, but for Minnesota’s people, the season has already begun. A fantastic group of volunteers showed up at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast at the Da Boathouse, and from then they worked hard all day. The final count? The clicker of the official airplane counter for the 2023 Iceport edition showed 147 aircraft, including three helicopters. The count ended at 1:30 p.m., so it did not include several late arrivals. Source: ‚AOPA‚.

Il-76 Aircraft Makes 1st Landing On Antarctic Ice Airfield

For the first time, the Ilyushin Il-76TD-90VD aircraft has touched down on the ice airfield at Russia’s Novolazarevskaya outpost in Antarctica, the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute said. According to the institute, the runway was put into operation in November. A Volga-Dnepr Airlines Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft, outfitted with the PS-90A-76 engines, conducted the first flight from Cape Town to the Progress station on November 7.

The institute said that the aircraft travelled over 5,300 kilometres in 6.5 hours and safely landed in low visibility due to the expertise of its pilots. The testing outcomes will allow the flight manual for aircraft equipped with this engine type to be supplemented with provisions for landing on snow-covered ice airfields. The plane carried 82 passengers and more than 6.5 tons of supplies for constructing a new winter complex at the Vostok station. A joint crew led by chief pilots of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex Nikolai Kuimov and the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation Ruben Yesayan executed the landing. Source: ‚Euroasiantimes‚.

Tecnam Introduces P2012 „STOL“

Tecnam announced the introduction of the new P2012 STOL dedicated to Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) operations, specifically designed to operate across the most demanding commercial airports in the world. Addressing the needs of a market niche that was left undeveloped and unsupported for decades, Tecnam is once again providing a solution to those operators that seek for their business a modern, spacious, comfortable, safe yet stylish aircraft, with outstanding STOL capabilities. The P2012 STOL is the only twin-piston with Short Take-Off Landing capabilities compliant with the latest certification amendments. It offers a 3680 kg / 8113 lb Maximum Gross Weight while guaranteeing a modern design, a wide and comfortable cabin, and 11 seats.

The interior accommodation is enhanced by a central aisle, a dedicated window for each of the 9 single passengers, no bench/double seats, and the best passengers amenities such as USB ports, cabin Air Conditioning, individual fresh and hot air outlets, dedicated reading light, seat pockets and cup-holders. The interior design and the superb view provided by the “high wing” configuration provide a “best-in-class” experience for the flights to typical “exotic” STOL destinations. Mission accomplishment and flight safety enhancement pass through a modern cockpit with the latest technology, including a state-of-the-art G1000 NXi avionic system, and GFC700 specifically tuned autopilot. Active and connected flight deck (Bluetooth, flight stream, Iridium) and a toolbox of modern aids (Wx radar, storm scope, inset map, Synthetic Vision™) are provided to reduce workload and fatigue while increasing mission effectiveness.

From a comfort perspective the P2012 STOL offers a +34% wider cabin, +24% larger seat pitch, +188% higher luggage weight allowance and +303% better luggage volume when compared to the most known British STOL aircraft, and does it all in accordance with the latest certification standards. From the performance perspective, the P2012 STOL can easily and more comfortably carry an equivalent payload of the most known British STOL aircraft while matching its takeoff and landing performances, moreover, the P2012 STOL can also outperform its useful load by 20% up to a remarkable value of 1284 kg / 2830 lb while performing a STOL mission.

At a Maximum Takeoff Weight of 3680 kg / 8113 lb, the take-off run takes only 275 m / 900 ft and to clear the obstacle the takeoff distance is achieved in just 425 m / 1395 ft. Even better at the 3630 Kg Maximum Landing Weight where the landing distance from the obstacle takes only 360 m / 1180 ft and the impressive ground run requires just 155 m / 510 ft. There are thousands of regional and local STOL airports around the world needing an outclassing airframe, superior performances, the latest safety and a 21st Century design, capable of lifting off from prepared and unprepared strips of less than 300 m / 1000 ft.

P2012 STOL
The P2012 STOL, developed by the renowned and innovating Tecnam Research and Development team, is available in passenger and multi-mission configurations (combi, cargo, air ambulance). Fully interchangeable, the 11-seat, twin-engine, fixed gear, unpressurized Tecnam can quickly and easily be converted from a 9-passenger carrier into a special-purpose aircraft… and back again.

The aircraft’s main features are:

  • Two flight decks plus nine-passenger single-seat cabin accommodation.
  • Two six cylinders, turbocharged, piston engines.
  • Single Pilot certified in VFR and IFR.
  • PBN certified for GPS approaches.
  • No type rating issue/renewal is required.
  • Easy maintenance.

Following the successful completion of the preliminary P2012 STOL flight test campaign in early 2022, the aircraft has entered its final configuration moving on to the certification phase in 2023. Source: ‚Tecnam website‘.

Emergency landing on a busy highway

View from the pilot’s go pro camera from the cockpit of the plane on the emergency landing on Hwy. 74 on Sunday, July 3, 2022. What an outstanding job and no injuries. Amazing, if you look closely at 0:20 you will see the power lines the pilot was able to avoid. There were so many things that could have been catastrophic but they didn’t happen. Source: ‚Youtube‚.

Passenger with ‘no idea how to fly’ lands plane

A passenger with no flying experience radioed an urgent plea for help when the pilot of a small plane suddenly fell ill off Florida’s Atlantic coast and was able to land the plane safely with the help of air traffic controllers. “I’ve got a serious situation here,” the man said on Tuesday afternoon, Florida-time, according to audio on, a website that broadcasts and archives air traffic controller communications. “My pilot has gone incoherent. I have no idea how to fly the airplane.”

An air traffic controller in Fort Pierce responded, asking if he knew the position of the single-engine Cessna 280. “I have no idea. I can see the coast of Florida in front of me and I have no idea,” the passenger said. According to Flight Aware, the plane had taken off earlier on Tuesday from Marsh Harbour International Airport in the Bahamas. As the plane flew over Florida, the controller, speaking very calmly, told the passenger to “maintain wings level and try to follow the coast, either north or southbound”. Twin controls enable a Cessna 280 to be steered from the passenger seat. Minutes passed before controllers were able to locate the plane, which by then was heading north over Boca Raton. Then the man’s voice seemed to fade, so the controller in Fort Pierce asked for the passenger’s phone number to enable controllers at Palm Beach International Airport to communicate with him more clearly. Air traffic controller Robert Morgan, a 20-year veteran, took over at that point, talking the passenger down to a safe landing. “Kudos to the new pilot,” one controller told him after the plane smoothly wheeled down the tarmac. Morgan told television station WPBF that he felt like he was in the right place at the right time. “I knew the plane was flying like any other plane. I just had to keep him calm, point him to the runway and just tell him how to reduce the power so he could descend to land. It felt really good to help someone,” Morgan said. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Rick Breitenfeldt confirmed that the pilot and passenger were the only two people aboard. The agency is investigating, he said in an email. Source: ‚Sidney Morning Herald‚. Picture: ‚Palm Beach Airport‚.

Engine Failure after Takeoff

(…) I was setting out to fly the first hour after the engine had been field overhauled / IRAN work performed. New camshaft, lifters, bearings, connecting rod bolts, rings, and honed cylinders. Fresh zero-time propeller and prop governor. We had started the engine 3 times and made sure everything was in great shape before this 4th time. I performed a runup and everything was looking good, so I took off to break in the engine. It ended up breaking instead. Source: Edward Frye on ‚Youtube‘.

After crash-landing arrested in Morocco

A Spanish citizen was arrested by the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie on Tuesday, November 30th. The man was arrested on the outskirts of Tangier after trying to land his plane in an emergency and crashing. Not only did the man manage to crash his plane into a lorry during the emergency landing, but it was also full of drugs.

Judicial sources confirmed to Efe, that the crash-landing took place in the village of El Aouama, around 30 kilometres southeast of Tangier. The man had attempted to perform an emergency landing on a road but crashed into a lorry. At the moment there are no details regarding whether the pilot or the lorry driver were injured.

Official sources have not said what type of drugs were aboard the drug-laden plane. There have been previous incidents of light aircraft carrying drugs crashing in northern Morocco. The aircrafts had been loaded with hashish. Light aircraft or even microlights are often used to transport drugs from Europe. The Moroccan government have repeatedly criticised illegal entries into Moroccan airspace. Source: ‚‚ and ‚‚.

Emergency Landing on Highway

According to Louisiana State Police, a small plane made an emergency landing on I-12 Westbound near Pumpkin Center. While landing, the plane hit the side of a Ford pick-up truck. No injuries were reported. Source: ‚WAFB 9‚.