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Slingsby 1939 Petrel Glider Flight

A flight of the recently restored 1939 Slingsby Petrel glider, piloted by Scott Gifford, at the 2021 International Vintage Sailplane Meet at Harris Hill, New York. With Scott at the controls, he joined the museum’s classic Minimoa glider in a big thermal in the first days of the vintage glider meet. The Petrel glider is part of the collection of the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum in Hood River, Oregon. Source: ‘Paul Naton / Youtube’.

Glider pilot flies around tornado

Oklahoma City native David Evans has been a pilot for about 30 years, but few things compare with what he encountered while flying his glider Sunday. Evans came face to face with a bona fide tornado — and decided to hitch a ride on the upward-moving air around it. Weather wasn’t conducive for strong thunderstorm activity or tornadoes in the Sooner State on Sunday, but Evans found a landspout, a borderline tornado that forms in a way similar to many waterspouts or dust devils. That meant it wasn’t born from a thunderstorm or cloud-based rotation, but rather developed from the ground up. It also couldn’t be spotted on radar, and there were no obvious large-scale weather features that would have clued meteorologists in to the chance for tornadoes. How do tornadoes form? This drone-based project seeks to unravel the secrets of spinning storms. “Realistically, it was more of a landspout, but we sort of have no justification as to why it occurred,” said Ryan Bunker, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Norman, Okla. “We didn’t have any answers.” Source: ‘David Evans/ Washinghton Post’.

Stefan Langer: 5 Crazy Flights in a Glider

Watch the TOP 5 glider flights captured on camera from Stefan Langer. From flying into a funnel cloud in Germany to making a lowpass at the beach of New Zealand and … landing a glider like a fighter jet in Italy?