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Pipistrel Velis Electro Nr. 100

Velis Electro serial number (S/N) 100 has been delivered to valued customer Green Aerolease, a French sustainable aircraft rental business with ambitions to accelerate the environmental transition of the aviation industry across Europe through its turnkey rental service. Green Aerolease has also taken delivery of its first Pipistrel Explorer, a versatile two-seat combustion engine aircraft capable of both day and night visual flight rules (VFR) operations. The additional purchase, also available for rental through Green Aerolease, demonstrates the company’s confidence in the manufacturer’s capabilities to deliver superior aircraft across the light sport category, specifically designed for the flight training market.

Velis Electro S/N 100 will be operated in Germany by Green Aviation Hub, a recently appointed German dealer for Pipistrel’s authorized distributor Finesse Max. The Velis Electro was certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in 2020 followed by numerous other regulatory agencies. The aircraft is currently in service in over 30 countries worldwide. Source: ‚Pipistrel‚.

Kann bald jeder Multicopter fliegen?

Ein Fluggerät, das jeder ohne Pilotenschein fliegen kann und darf – genau daran arbeiten mehrere Unternehmen, etwa in den USA. Gefährlich sei das Fliegen für Laien nicht, sagt Matt Chasen. Seine Firma „Lift Aircraft“ arbeitet an einem elektrischen Multicopter – das ist ein Fluggerät mit mehreren Rotoren – namens „Hexa“. Ein ähnliches Projekt ist der „Flyer“ des Unternehmens „Kitty Hawk“. Laien sollen schon nach wenigen Stunden in der Lage sein, die Geräte zu steuern. Mehr Informationen im Originalbericht von