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Diamond DA42-VI Flies for the First Time With SAF

A Diamond DA42-VI training aircraft, powered by the Austro Engine AE300 from European Flight Academy, carries out a circuit of the airfield at Bremen airport. Following extensive tests and preparations, a training aircraft from the European Flight Academy made a few circuits of the airport at Bremen for the first time. The DA42-VI from the Austrian aircraft manufacturer Diamond Aircraft was fully fueled with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This flight resulted from intensive preparation between LAT, Diamond Aircraft, and the engine manufacturer Austro Engine. Bremen Airport was deliberately chosen for this flight, as it counts among the first airports in Germany to stock and refuel with SAF provided by World Fuel Services. This SAF is obtained from oil waste, aquatic plants and soil plants in Ghent, Belgium. In the first step, the oils and fats are hydrogenated and refined similarly to fossil fuels. As a result, SAF produces up to 80 per cent fewer CO2 emissions during its life cycle.

The joint event with representatives of Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH (Diamond Aircraft Austria), Austro Engine GmbH, World Fuel Services Europe Ltd., and Bremen Airport was the kickoff for extensive tests with blended SAF. Unblended neat SAF has been proven to generate up to 80% less CO2 emissions than conventional kerosene. It is the goal of all involved parties to make the training of future Lufthansa Group pilots more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The test series results will reveal whether SAF can be used as the sole fuel for the European Flight Academy fleet in the future.

Eco-consciousness and responsible use of resources have always been at the core of Diamond Aircraft. The history started with efficient and lead-free jet-fuel engines and is going forward with electrification, alternative fuels, and propulsion systems. Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engine anticipate increasing availability of ASTM D7566 SAF blends as a „drop-in“ fuel for General Aviation in the coming years and plans to release the entire fleet for this fuel mix by the end of 2025. Significant market penetration of SAFs is expected by 2030, and 100% pure SAFs will be available without blending in 2050. Source: ‚Diamond Aircraft‚.

Diamonds sparkle over Dubai South’s skies

They’re there and flying high – Emirates Flight Training Academy’s three new Diamond aircraft have taken to the skies and flown straight into the cadet training programme. Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA), which delivers one of the most advanced pilot training programmes in the world, welcomed the third Diamond DA42-VI light piston twin-engine aircraft into its fleet recently. The Diamonds have ushered in multi-engine piston (MEP) training at the academy, serving as a bridge between training on a single engine and a light jet, and rounding off EFTA’s training fleet to 30 aircraft.

With a flying range of 1,225 nautical miles and resplendent in Emirates’ new signature livery, the aircraft made their journey from Vienna, Austria to Dubai and it was nothing short of a travel log as EFTA’s instructor pilots made pit stops in Heraklion, Crete and Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. You can watch the video here.

Captain Abdulla Al Hammadi, Vice President of Emirates Flight Training Academy, said: “Our vision for our cadet programme is to constantly invest in and shape our training ecosystem with the most sophisticated tools, technology and infrastructure which ensure our cadets are real-world ready and graduate with the highest levels of skills, capability and competence. We will continue to deliver on our promise to maintain a steady and robust pipeline of pilots for Emirates and the airline industry.”

“The Diamonds fit perfectly in between our single-engine aircraft and the very light jets in our training fleet. Reliable, cutting-edge and eco-friendly, they are fully aligned with our goals as our trainees now also gain experience on multi-engine piston aircraft. Our cadets are delighted with the addition to the fleet – it means more aircraft types and a more varied learning experience.”

“We are very proud to be part of Emirates’ history and commend them on their vision regarding the newest technologies for the next generation of airline pilots,” said Liqun (Frank) Zhang, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Austria. “We are looking forward to EFTA’s success, leveraging Diamond’s industry-leading technology, cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental responsibility.”

The academy had placed the order for the three Diamond DA42-VI aircraft and its corresponding flight simulator in March this year. The simulator is expected to be delivered soon. Cadets will commence training on the Diamond aircraft in the coming months.

The 4-seat DA42-VI is the newest version of Diamond’s technology leading light piston twin-engine aircraft. It’s the first certified general aviation piston aircraft to combine modern technology airframe, avionics, and power plants. With its unique combination of performance and utility, the jet fuel-powered DA42-VI is designed to make transitioning from single to twin-engine much easier. The aircraft generates fuel savings of up to 50% compared to conventional AVGAS-powered twins, and its panoramic canopy provides excellent visibility during all flight manoeuvres. Source: ‚Diamond Aircraft‚.

Emirates selects Diamond Aircraft DA42-VI

Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA), operated by Emirates Airlines, is bolstering its current fleet with an order for three state-of-the-art twin-engine training aircraft DA42-VI and its corresponding flight simulator from Diamond Aircraft. The AUSTRO jet-fuel-powered twin engine 4seater DA42-VI will be the flagship for multi-engine piston (MEP) training at Al Maktoum International-Dubai World Central Airport in support of the Emirates’ National Cadet Pilot Programme.

Capt Abdulla Al Hammadi, Vice President of Emirates Flight Training Academy, said: “Our new fleet from Diamond Aircraft is part of our larger strategic intent for our cadet programme. It helps us design a bridging MEP programme for cadets to gain more flying experience while progressing from a single-engine to a light jet aircraft. It strengthens our offering and makes it more unique, rounded and robust. Our cadets will benefit hugely as they gain experience on three different types of aircraft, even before they’re licensed. The new fleet also helps us go above and beyond in complying with the new GCAA guidelines. The DA42-VI is reliable, eco-friendly and a practical platform for MEP training. We’re confident we’ve made the right choice.” Source: ‚Diamond Aircraft‚.

Urbe Flight Academy increases Diamond Aircraft fleet

Urbe Aero Flight Academy placed a large order for the purchase of brand-new training aircraft from Diamond Aircraft, due to the excellent relationship the Academy has had with the aircraft manufacturer for years offering a modern and state-of-the-art fleet to its students. With this new investment, the current 11-aircraft fleet at Rome Urbe Airport in Italy, will be increased by seven new DA40 NG single-engine aircraft and one DA42-VI twin-engine aircraft.

From the very beginning, Urbe Aero Flight Academy has believed in innovation and technology as the key to success, offering high-level training from the early steps of flying as a commitment to their students. This new investment is a testimony to their vision. By adding further DA40 NG and DA42-VI aircraft to their fleet, they are not only adding the most modern, safe, and reliable training aircraft currently available on the market but also showing their care for the environment. The aircraft is equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpits and powered by the efficient 168 hp AUSTRO AE300 jet-fuel engines which burn up to 50% less lead-free fuel and operate quieter than conventional AvGas-powered aircraft.

“Thanks to our shareholders‘ vision and passion for continuous innovation, our Flight Academy is now able to make this important acquisition to cope with current and future partnerships with European airlines,” stated Prof. Lorenzo Mezzadri, Accountable Manager of Urbe Aero Flight Academy. “The growth of our organization in the last twelve years and the huge number of young pilots we were able to prepare for the major airlines, is clear evidence of a basic solidity for high-level service. With this investment, our fleet will reach 19 Diamond aircraft (7 DA20-C1, 9 DA40 NG and 3 DA42-VI). Our continuous growth and these new projects would not have been possible without the important collaboration with Diamond Aircraft in which we believed from the very beginning”.

“Urbe Aero Flight Academy has been tremendously benefiting from operating aircraft by the same manufacturer for both single-engine and multi-engine training. Fleet commonality offers them more advantages, such as minimized instructor standardization, rapid student transition and reduced parts inventories. We are delighted about their successful development and are proud to be part of this exciting journey to move the aviation industry forward,” said Jane Wang, Sales Director, Diamond Aircraft Austria. Source: ‚Diamond Aircraft‚.

Diamond präsentiert neue DA 50RG

Diamond Aircraft bringt mir der DA50 RG aus Vollcarbonfaser ein neues Flugzeug auf den Markt. Sie verfügt über ein einziehbares Fahrwerk, eine grosszügige Kabine und eine bemerkenswerte Nutzlast. Für den Antrieb sorgt ein 300 PS starker Continental CD-300 Jet-Fuel-Motor. Die neue DA50 RG von Diamond Aircraft soll Massstäbe setzen. Die Medienmitteilung von Diamond Aircraft preist die Vorzüge des neuen Flugzeugs mit einem Kolbentriebwerk jedenfalls mit Überzeugung an. Mit einer der breitesten und komfortabelsten Kabinen in ihrer Klasse werde das einmotorige Flugzeug sowohl Piloten als auch Passagiere verwöhnen – mit allem, was man von der zweimotorigen DA62 kenne.

Liqun Zhang, CEO Diamond Aircraft Österreich, zeigt sich denn auch stolz: «Wir freuen uns sehr, die DA50 RG auf dem Markt zu präsentieren. Sie bietet für ein einmotoriges Kolbenflugzeug so viel: Platz, Effizienz, Luxus, Komfort, Sicherheit und ein einziehbares Fahrwerk. Dazu kommen die zusätzlichen Vorteile des Betriebs eines mit Jet-Fuel angetriebenen Flugzeugs wie geringere Emissionen im Vergleich zu verbleitem und sogar niedrig verbleitem Flugbenzin.» Einen Markt für die brandneue DA50 RG sieht Liqun Zhang bei Privatpiloten, die mehr Sitze und Platz benötigen, sowie für kommerzielle Betreiber, die nach einer kostengünstigen Alternative suchen.

Die DA50 RG wird mit einem serienmässig installierten Garmin G1000 NXi mit 3-Achsen-Autopilotsystem GFC700 ausgerüstet, welche in Kombination mit dem «single lever power controls» die Arbeitsbelastung des Piloten reduzieren soll. Die schlanke Zelle aus Vollkohlefaserverbundwerkstoff umfasst laut Diamond Aircraft eine fortschrittliche Aerodynamik mit der neuesten Technologie für passive Sicherheit und für hohe Leistung, Effizienz und Insassenschutz. Bemerkenswert seien auch die speziell entworfenen Doppelschlitzklappen für hohen Auftrieb und gutmütiges Langsamflugverhalten. Das EASA Type Certificate erwartet Diamond Aircraft im Spätsommer 2020. Die FAA-Zulassung soll unmittelbar danach beginnen und wird für Ende 2021 erwartet. Die ersten Auslieferungen sind für Ende des ersten Quartals 2021 vorgesehen. Quelle: ‚‚.