New Glider Paradise Mediterranean Sea

“I dedicate this flight to Klaus who brings for me, and I believe for all pilots, dreams, and adventures in our sport. His recent flight to Greece was amazing”. And of course to Baptiste who has designed this flight and piloted all strategic points of our flight, especially in Italy. This FAI triangle of 1’133 km is – due to the very weak waves at Fayence at the beginning of the flight, not a European record. We passed the line at 4’300 meters and we finished at 1’600 Meters. But I think it is one of the most original in Europe. After trying for almost two hours to climb, I proposed to Baptiste to restart the engine of the S12 and to climb up to 4’000 m. The waves were still weak and we decided to start the passage to Corsica at 4’900 m. The circuit was a mix of different flights: Waves in Corsica, Rotor with no waves in Italy, then convergences, cumulus, blue thermal to cross the Italian plain of Pô, then again Waves at the return to the Alps in Val de Suza. The tricky part of the flight was to come back from Italy close to the circuit. Especially when Baptiste managed once, wonderfully to recover some waves in Italy near Pavullo. To fulfill this flight, you need a Glider like the Stemme S12. Source: Gilles Souviron in ‘OLC, online-contest‘.

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