Maiden flight of Fusion 213 from Magnus

The new aircraft of Magnus Aircraft Zrt. is a small piece of the world’s, but it is certainly a landmark in Hungarian aviation history, as it will be the first aircraft developed and manufactured entirely in Hungary to obtain a type certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). An important moment in this process was the maiden flight of the prototype at Pécs-Pogányi International Airport. The production of the aircraft designed for pilot training was motivated by two extremely important reasons. Firstly, the take-off weight limit for the UL (Ultralight) category in most European countries is 472.5 kg, which severely limits the options available to aircraft manufacturers (e.g. the equipment of the aircraft can be very limited). Secondly, due to legal restrictions, ultralight aircraft are not suitable for PPL (Private Pilot Licence) training, which is the basis for further training levels. For these reasons, we decided to start the further development of our Fusion 212 ultralight aircraft and its certification in a higher category in 2017. The LSA (light-sport aircraft) is a higher category, with stricter EASA type certification requirements in addition to the 600 kg maximum take-off weight. Source: ‚Magnus Aircraft‚.

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