For Fans of the Eternal Ice: Book #33: Glaciers of Switzerland

After flying an interminable amount of hours over years of summer seasons, sorting through almost 40,000 photographs, post-processing and exporting a little over 2,000 images, and then winnowing those 2,000 down to 928 images to represent every glacier in Switzerland, it is done. I have given birth to a book that is almost four times the size of any other photography work of mine, coming in at 542 pages. Writing the book involved more work than the flights. I am sure I forgot a glacier or two, though I digress.

With the release of this work, my focus has changed. In the past, I was more intimately concerned with pricing, distribution, retail presentation, royalty percentages, and a final equilibrium that appealed to the largest number of consumers. In the end, I don’t think pressing all those levers amounts to a hill of beans, so I decided to do something I wanted, which was to make a book large enough that it would break a toe if you dropped it. The glaciers of Switzerland themselves speak with such a visual magnitude that I wished to present them in printed form in the closest similarity that it felt in the air.

All images except a couple were taken in the PA-11. Despite having the PA-18 since 2021, it just worked out that even some of the glaciers I chased in 2022 were still done in the PA-11, as the Super Cub seemed to always be in the wrong country for one reason or another when it came to glacier season. When I step back and look at the project now that it is done, I am left wondering how I did it in that little, underpowered, unheated, under-fueled aircraft, though, well, it is done.

For some reason, in the US has decided to keep the price down dramatically for the time being, so if you’re interested and able to order from that platform, it is the best place to get it for now. Source: ‚Garrett Fisher‚.

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