Emergency Landing on Whitehorse Road

A small plane that made an emergency landing in Whitehorse on Wednesday lost power to its engines before it landed in a residential neighbourhood. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada, which often investigates accidents involving aircraft and other types of transportation, said Thursday that the plane had to do a forced landing on the road during a private flight from Tok, Alaska, to Whitehorse. It lost engine power on approach to the airport. The aircraft was „substantially damaged,“ the board said. A tweet from the Whitehorse Fire Department late Wednesday afternoon said a small aircraft made an emergency landing along Casca Blvd. RCMP said there was a pilot and one passenger on board. On Thursday morning, the fire department said the two people were already out of the plane before firefighters arrived. They were examined by medical professionals but were not taken to the hospital. The plane has been towed out of the neighbourhood. The Transportation Safety Board said in an email Thursday it doesn’t plan to do a full investigation. It completed a preliminary investigation and said it had recorded the incident. The board said that „this occurrence is unlikely to yield new safety lessons that will advance transportation safety.“ The passenger and pilot received minor injuries, the board said. Whistle Bend resident Mike Hrebien said he saw the incident. He described seeing the plane flying very low and turning sharply. The plane is a 1958 Piper PA-22-160 registered in Talkeetna, Alaska. Source: ‚CBC‚.

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