Become a World-record Holder on This Glider Trip Over the Himalayas

Private travel designer Untold Story Travel is inviting one extremely adventurous person on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to fly over all eight of the 8,000-meter peaks in the Himalayan Mountain range. All it will take is a cool €1 million (about $1,190,00) to get on board. The lucky guest will become part of the very first crew to take a glider flight over the „Roof of the World“ in one single day with master pilot Klaus Ohlmann. According to Untold Story Travel, Ohlmann holds more than 60 world records, including the longest glider flight ever, and was the first person to fly over Mount Everest in a glider. He’s also a bit of a speed demon as he holds the world record for the fastest ever speed reached in a glider at 307 kilometers per hour (roughly 191 miles per hour).

„Effectively a ’sky surfer‘, Klaus has perfected the art of ‚wave riding‘ in a glider, a specific skill in catching updrafts in the jet stream in order to gain altitude and fly long distances,“ the company shared in a statement. „Soaring from Dhaulagiri to Kanchenjunga, this challenge will combat the demanding winds reaching up to 200 kilometers per hour thanks to Klaus‘ expertise and world-class skill, taking the art of gliding to new limits,“ the company said. „Encompassing the eight peaks, the flight will take between six to 10 hours to complete, flying at speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour. The custom-built glider is equipped with highly specialized oxygen systems on board to fly over 10,000 meters.“

In preparation for completing the record-breaking challenge, the one traveler will spend four weeks on the ground in Nepal over the winter when the jet stream is at full power. From a base camp in Pokhara, the guest will undergo training and practice flights to ensure they are fully prepared for the flight. A second glider will film the entire experience, and the guest will be presented with a video upon completion. While training, the guest will also get the chance to explore more of what Nepal has to offer, including Buddhist and Tibetan sites alongside an expert in spirituality and religion, take a boating excursion at the second largest lake in Nepal, visit Chitwan National Park, and much more.

The four-week experience is available from €1 million, based on one client traveling. The flight is solo with Klaus, however, there are no limits to how many guests may travel to Nepal. The flight is available within a four-week window of the traveler’s choosing anytime between November and December 2021, January and February or November and December 2022, and January and February 2023.

Untold Story Travel will also donate 5% of the booking to the charity Nepalhilfe Beilngries, supporting those communities in need and in remote locations throughout Nepal with schools, hospitals, and children’s homes. See more about this trip, and others offered by Untold Story Travel, on the company’s website now. Source: ‚Travel + Leisure‘.

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