Logstream VR1 – Digital Electronic Variometer

Ansprechpartner Tomasz Dzikuć
+48 78 634 0328
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Perfect as a backup variometer in performance gliders or the main in club gliders

Dimensions: 65 x 63 x 80 mm
Weight: 210 g
Precise digital pressure sensor
2.4″ display with very high brightness
1 pressure connector ((TEK) or static tube)
2.5m/s, 5m/s, or 10 m/s range
Rotary knob with a button
Internal speaker
The ability to connect an external speaker
UART TTL external communication interface
RS232 external communication interface
Input power voltage indicator
Landing gear warning
Vario + altitude data to XCSoar or LK8000 using an external Bluetooth module

Contact: Tomasz Dzikuć
eMail: office@logstream.eu
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Under development (available after free firmware update):
FLARM view
Thermal assistant