SZD-22C Mucha

Ansprechpartner Gábor Benkó
+36 30 850 6961
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We offer a restored Mucha, always stored in a dry hangar.

Ailerons, wings and rudder are transparently canvassed.
Canopy is repaired, please see on photos.
The Canopy hinge was changed to new.
New inclinometer and new Funke ATR833S radio.
Both triggers were renewed by the manufacturer, and more than 2000 takeoffs are available.
After restoration, the plane flew minimally (<20hrs).
We give the plane with the new ARC.
If You need, we can provide more photos.
In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us. The price is given in EUR.

Price: EUR 4000.-
Contact: Gábor Benkó
Cell phone: +36 30 850 6961