Piper PA46 350P Malibu Mirage

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The Malibu Mirage will cruise beautifully at FL200 doing 200kt TAS and consuming 16 GPH. This will take you in pressurized comfort above most weather. If required, it will climb up to FL250 and cruise up to 210kt TAS at higher power settings or give you an endurance of over 8 hours still at 170kt TAS which results in a zero-fuel range of over 1600NM.

Convective weather can be avoided with onboard radar and additional Stormscope. It is equipped with full FIKI de-ice gear including pneumatic boots, a heated stall vane and a heated propeller. The 1950kg MTOW and the noise-reduced propeller mean the Malibu Mirage will not pay Eurocontrol airway fees and low landing fees at most airports.

Engine TIO-540-AE2A, 350hp at 2500rpm
240h since TOP overhaul 02/2021 by Motor Dachsel Germany
New Turbos, Vacuum, Starter, Overhauled Magnets,
New Fine Wire Sparkplugs (almost everything overhauled Firewall forward)
TBO 2000h: 800 h remaining
Propeller MT-Propeller MTV-14- B/195-30b
Electrically de-iced composite four-blade propeller
Factory new 01/2016
TBO 2400h or 6 years
With the MTV-14 propeller, the aircraft has a noise rating
at 77,6 dBA which means it is certified as the best noise category “Erhöhter Lärmschutz” in Germany

Optional Equipment
140 USG long-range fuel tanks
NEW Heated Glass Window (Pilot side)
NEW Side Window (Pilot side, no need for crack inspection)
New Engine Mount (White) no 100h inspection needed
Speed brakes
LED landing light
Factory air conditioning
TANIS Engine Preheat system
New Entertainment System (Radio/USB/CD) Pilot & Passenger
Weight & Balance 1379kg empty weight, 1950kg MTOW

NEW Avidyne IFD 540 COM/NAV/GPS WAAS + ext. Keyboard
Software Update April 2021
Avidyne EX500 MFD
Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel
Garmin GTX330 Mode-S Transponder
Avidyne TAS610 Active traffic system
King KCS 55A HSI pilot side
King KCS 55A HSI Copilot side
Electrical horizon on Copilot side
King KFC150 Autopilot with KAS 297B Altitude preselect
King KN63 DME
King KR87 ADF
King KRA10A Radar altimeter
Shadin Fuel Totalizer
King RDR-82 on board radar with vertical scan
WX500 Stormscope
New DUAL TIT Control, (no need to change Probe every 250 hours)
LEMO and PJ-Twin Headset plugs in Cockpit, 6 place intercom

Price: EUR 499’000.-
Contact: Maxi Graf
eMail: Maxi@aviationsalesinternational.com