MGL Avionics Blaze ALT-6 altimeter and VSI

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Large 2.6” high resolution 320×240, IPS (fully viewable in all directions), sunlight-readable color LCD display

An internal high-accuracy 24-bit digital altitude sensor calculates altitude from –1000 ft up to a maximum of 35000 ft (-304m to 10668m)

The ALT-6 outputs various formatted RS232 serial data protocols compatible with serial input transponders such as that from Garmin, Magellan, Northstar, Trimble, Microair etc.

Provides a parallel Gillham code interface for transponders when used in combination with the MGL Avionics CNV-ALT. Please also see the Blaze ALT-7 if a parallel Gillham code interface is required.

Built-in encoder test function

The altimeter can display altitude in feet or meters

Local pressure can be set in millibars or inches of mercury

Contains a wide range VSI indicator from +/-20 ft/min to as high as +/-10000 ft/min

VSI units can be in feet/minute (ft/min) or in meters/second (m/s)

User-settable altitude bug

Standard 3 1/8” aircraft enclosure (can be front or rear mounted)

The LED backlight can automatically adjust to the ambient light, or it can be manually adjusted in the menu system

Rotary control plus 2 independent buttons for easy menu navigation and user input

Wide input supply voltage range of 8 to 30V DC with built-in voltage reversal and over-voltage protection for harsh electrical environments
good as new €320